GI-Metal Neapolitan Perforated Rectangular Delivery Peel

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The GI-Metal Neapolitan line of peels have been designed to meet the needs of pizza makers who cook a large number of pizzas in traditional Neapolitan wood ovens which reach 500 degrees.

In the Neapolitan style, the dough disc is usually placed on the peel and extensively stretched out to the ends of the peel. The perforations on the peel head is functional to these movements: the design, the circular shape and the amount of holes allow the release of excess flour, considering the gestural work of the Neapolitan tradition.

Pizza peel following the Neapolitan Style:

  • all made of anodised aluminium;
  • reinforced head to withstand the most intense heat;
  • lightweight handle of the Azzurra series;
  • 3 rivets that ensure stability and resistance;
  • holes with a circular design to allow the release of flour;
  • customisation of the line name made with the laser engraving

Peel dimension: 33 x 33 cm or 41 x 41 cm
Handle length: 150 cm

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Peel Dimensions

33 x 33 cm, 41 x 41 cm

GI-Metal Neapolitan Perforated Rectangular Delivery Peel