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Redbox from GI-Metal

The Revolutionary premium delivery solution for hot food

  1. Preserve oven / cooker fresh integrity from your premises to the customers’ dinning table, helping you to improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty
  2. Improve your efficiency by making more deliveries on a single run, thereby saving time and helping to reduce costs
  3. Reach more customers by being able to expand your delivery catchment area
  4. Use REDBOX as a marketing tool to differentiate your business from your competitors
  5. Use it for delivering any takeout food items from chips to pizza, to rice or noodle dishes, and so much more.

Incorporating an extremely efficient thermal box with hinged door which opens downward, this revolutionary container in manufactured with a thermostatically controlled 500w heating element alongside an extractor fan which automatically activates should moisture need to be removed from the chamber. 

The patented REDBOX system is electric and powered by a dedicated lithium-ion battery with large capacity (see the product specification table below).

With a special adaptation kit, the REDBOX is designed to be used on all types of cargo scooters or motor cycles, and in the boot of cars (4 seats or more, which have folding rear seats).

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For many years GI-Metal‘s offerings already included a wide range food delivery options for the transport of pizza to the customer, including thermal bags, rigid and semi-rigid boxes which Wood Fire Land stock. However an ambitious project for a heated delivery solution began, but could not be finalised because of the limitations given by the technology available at the time.

GI-Metal’s quest for a heated delivery solution did not stop, and recently it has crossed paths with that of an existing project which provides a heated box with excellent technical features.

And so REDBOX was born and patented, with the innovative delivery proposal that guarantees an unmatched quality for the delivered hot meal, just as if it were consumed at the restaurant table.

Available in two different sizes, the REDBOX 10 and the REDBOX 12, you have a choice of one to suit your business needs. Please refer to the product specification table below for further details.

REDBOX Technology

It maintains the quality of the food contained within while it is being delivered due to:

  • A control unit, special heat diffusers, sensors and proprietary technology, it allows the temperature to be set, adjusted and maintained (range 65° – 120°)
  • Patented temperature and humidity control system: food keeps dry and its taste is preserved
  • An extremely durable stainless steel structure, which is easily washable and sanitisable
  • It is suitable for mounting on scooters, or in any 4+ seat car model with folding rear seats
Animated image of GI-Metal REDBOX delivery system
Image of an Open RedBox by GI-Metal
CompatibilityAll types of cargo scooters / motor cycles,
Cars (4+ seats), with folding rear seats), with a special adaptation kit
Cars (4+ seats), with folding rear seats), with a special adaptation kit
Dimensions40 x 40 x 37h cm51 x 51 x 40h cm
Battery LiveUp to 4.5 hoursUp to 5.5 hours
Battery CapacityLithium-ion 1 KwLithium-ion 2 Kw
Pizza Carton CapacityUp to 10 cartons of dimension 33 x 33 x 3h cm
or 7 cartons of 40 x 40 x 4h cm
Up to 12 cartons of dimension 33 x 33 x 3h cm
or 7 cartons of 50 x 50 x 5h cm
Pinsa Carton Capacity7 cartons of 36 x 24 x 4h cm18 cartons of 36 x 24 x 4h cm
Min/Max Temperature18 – 49 oC / 65 – 120 oF18 – 49 oC / 65 – 120 oF