Valoriani Domestic Ovens

Baby V on terrace
SpecificationBaby V 60Baby V 75
Inside Dimensions60 x 60 cm75 x 75 cm
Outside Dimensions (Excl. stand & wheels)81 x 76 cm101 x 100 cm
Mouth Opening36 x 21 cm36 x 21 cm
Weight148 kg220 kg
30 cm Pizza capacity (wood fired)12
30 cm Pizza capacity (gas fired)23
Weight of optional gas burner7 kg10 kg
Flue manifold diameter15 cm15 cm

The baby v

Attractive and robustly built – The Baby range of Valoriani domestic pizza ovens do it all. BBQ, baking, roasting (fast or slow) and of course proper Italian pizza are all child’s play with the Baby V from Valoriani of Tuscany. With an extensive range of complimentary accessories available, new culinary adventures await!

At Wood Fire Land we know the Irish climate, and whilst there are plenty of other wood fired ovens you could choose, we know the Baby V is the best choice. Aside from its stunning looks and sleek Italian design, it’s also built to last. Double insulation, fully galvanised, powder-coated and incorporating professional quality refractory materials. A Valoriani Baby V will give you many happy years of service and you’ll be envy of your friends, family and neighbours too!

Available in a range of bold colours and domes and now available in a range of mosaic tiles

Valoriani Staff

What some of our customers have said about their Valoriani Domestic Pizza Ovens

“My grown up kids appear at home more often and tend to hang around longer since we got the oven”

“A previously unused and unloved area of my garden is now like Grand Central Station”

“I’m the neighbourhood hero to all the teenager friends of our kids that we’ve now been given the opportunity to meet”

“It’s lovely to sit around the warmth of the Baby V, full of pizza and drinking the last bit of the bottle as the evening draws to a close”

Valoriani Domestic oven Kits: Build you own oven either indoors or outside

The original and still the best domestic Wood Fired Oven kit on the market. Valoriani ovens, when built to our specifications, will NOT collapse or dissolve in Irish weather conditions. Hey! The Romans weren’t wrong… they used the same Cotto clay, mined from the same area to make pottery kilns and baker’s ovens. We feel that went quite well too! Can you afford not to consider the best?

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