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The CLEMENTI Company was officially born in 1975, thanks to the passion of the founder Clementino Clementi, who had designed and built some of the very first indirect wood-fired ovens in Italy in a small workshop placed in the countryside of Fabriano.

Starting from the small local fairs in a very short time the Clementi ovens reached the national market and then the whole world, contributing to spread the Made in Italy and the creativity of Italian and Marche entrepreneurship on products that are a symbol of their territory and tradition. Thanks also to the contribution of his wife Anna and their two sons Morgan and Diego, the Clementi team has developed exclusive know-how, technologies, ideas and patents, always putting the customer and the customer needs first.

Clementi’s mission is to ensure great quality, functionality comfort and design, with the aim of being “the king of fire”. All products show the name of the person who designed and created them. As Mr. Clementi is keen to remember every day:

“The best guarantee for our customers is right there, forged on every single product that leaves our factory, our name. We are always there ”

Clementino Clementi

AIR PLUS system:

Clementi’s patented AIR PLUS system, is available in all Pulcinella and Family oven models, allowing you to cook your pizza perfectly on both sides, thanks to the introduction of combustion air from the bottom of the oven, which keeps the embers alive and redistribute the flame along the roof of the cooking chamber.

Thanks to the massive insulation and the quality of the refractory materials and scamotek, the Clementi ovens maintain their heat for longer. Once the oven reaches the desired temperature, it is possible to use the oven leaving the mouth of the cooking chamber open without incurring significant loss of heat.

It is possible to reach the temperature of 400°C in 15-20 minutes with quick cooking time of only 2 minutes per pizza!

A delivery charge of €65 will be applied at checkout for clementi oven delivery