Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

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  • 5 Quart (4.73Ltr) Lodge Dutch Oven & Skillet - Loop Handles (L8DD3)

    5 Quart (4.73Ltr) Lodge Dutch Oven and Skillet – Loop Handles

    148.01 inc. VAT

    The 5 Quart (4.73Ltr) Lodge Dutch Oven and Skillet is the piece every home cook dreams about. Experience excellent heat distribution and retention for consistent, even cooking. Seasoned and ready to use.

    You get a lid, a Dutch oven, and a skillet all in one. The lid converts to a 10.25 inch dual loop handled pan.

    When used as a Dutch oven, it is perfect for roasts, no-knead bread recipes, soups, and stews. Easy to carry with the dual handle design.

  • Image of Crisbee Cast Iron Seasoning Stick

    Crisbee Cast Iron Seasoning

    24.54490.77 inc. VAT

    Crisbee Cast Iron Seasoning bonds to cast iron to help develop a beautiful finish on all cast iron cookware. One Crisbee Stick will treat a 10 inch skillet over 60 times when used as directed.

  • Image of Lodge Reversible Iron griddle (LPGI3)

    Lodge 20″ x 10.5″ Reversible Iron Griddle

    161.94 inc. VAT

    This Lodge 20″ x 10.5″ Reversible Iron Griddle double-burner reversible grill/griddle functions as a naturally seasoned dual cooking surface with both a smooth griddle and a ribbed grill.  It fits over two stovetop/cooker burners. When used on the stove/cooker, set both burners to the same temperature for even cooking and excellent heat retention.

  • Lodge 15 inch Carbon Steel Skillet (CRS15)

    Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet

    66.00185.94 inc. VAT

    The Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet can handle the heat in any kitchen. Its lightweight design and handle makes it easy to manoeuvre from the stove to the table. Seasoned and ready to use for an easy-release finish.

    Available in either a 10 inch skillet with single handle or 15 inch skillet with two loop handles.

  • Lodge Cast Iron 2.84Ltr Combo Cooker - 26cm Deep Pan and Skillet (LCC3)

    Lodge Cast Iron 2.84Ltr Combo Cooker – 26cm Deep Pan and Skillet

    135.00 inc. VAT

    The Lodge Cast Iron 2.84ltr Combo Cooker is a 26cm Deep Pan and Skillet. It is a deep skillet, a fryer, a Dutch oven, where the lid converts to a shallow skillet or griddle. The Lodge Combo Cooker is a versatile piece of cast iron cookware that allows the preparation of almost any recipe. Great for kitchen and outdoor cooking.

  • Image of Lodge Max Hot Handle Holder

    Lodge Max Temp Hot Handle Holder

    10.75 inc. VAT

    The Lodge Max Temp Hot Handle Holder protects your hands when lifting pans or skillets from the stove/oven.  The heavy-duty Pyrotex® outer fabric of the handle holder resists scorching and burning. With a steam barrier, heavy cotton batting, and thick terry lining, your hands are protected from heat up to 450°F.

  • Lodge 13x12 inch Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Grilling Pan (CRSGP12)

    Lodge Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Grilling Pan

    123.98143.95 inc. VAT

    The Lodge pre-seasoned carbon steel grilling pan, is made of heavy gauge carbon steel which is pre-seasoned for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use.

    Available with either a 33.02 cm x 30.48 cm (13 inch x 12 inch) perforated or 25.4 cm x 42.74 cm (10 inch x 18 inch) smooth solid surface with steel riveted handles at opposite ends of the grilling pan make it easier to manoeuvre.

  • Lodge Round Classic Cast Iron Skillet (L10SK3)

    Lodge Round Classic Cast Iron Skillet

    57.55161.95 inc. VAT

    The Lodge cast iron skillet will be your go-to skillet for years to come, and now features an assist handle for easier handling. Foundry seasoned and ready to use upon purchase. Suitable for use on all cooking surfaces, grills and ovens.

  • Lodge Silicon Hot Handle Holder for Skillets (ASHH41)

    Lodge Silicon Hot Handle Holder

    9.9514.61 inc. VAT

    A great piece of cast iron cookware gets hot, everywhere. These colourful Lodge silicon hot handle holders help keep your hands safe when lifting iron cookware at temperatures up to 500℉/260℃.

  • Lodge 15 inch Tempered Glass Lid (GL15)

    Lodge Tempered Glass Lid

    33.0044.94 inc. VAT

    The Lodge Tempered Glass Lid fits perfectly over your 10 inch, 12 inch or 15 inch cast iron skillets and pans. It keeps moisture and flavour locked in the pan while you keep an eye on the progress of your recipe.  Oven safe up to 400 ºF. Dishwasher safe.