Crisbee Cast Iron Seasoning

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Bonds to cast iron to help develop a beautiful finish on all cast iron cookware. One Crisbee Stick will treat a 10 inch skillet over 60 times when used as directed.

Perfect seasoning every time for cast iron cookware.
Protects cast iron cookware.
Excellent for initial seasoning and daily maintenance of cast iron.
A little goes a long way. Very economical compared to seasoning cast iron cookware with oil.
Also works excellent on carbon steel cookware, griddle cooktops, wooden cutting boards & utensils and wooden knife handles.

Will not turn rancid unlike vegetable shortening, flaxseed oil, coconut oil or canola oil, nor become a brittle surface and flake off like many experience using flaxseed oil.

For tough to reach areas, melt a small amount and spread with a pastry or BBQ brush.

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Crisbee Cast Iron Seasoning