GI-Metal Firedogs

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  • GI-Metal Commercial Andiron Firedog (AC-AL)

    GI-Metal Commercial Andiron Firedog

    102.09 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Commercial Andiron Firedog (AC-AL) is a professional standard andiron firedog for holding firewood inside the oven to allow air to circulate under the wood, improving combustion.

  • Image of GI-Metal Ash Barrier (AC-BA)

    GI-Metal Commercial Cinder & Ash Barrier

    103.32 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Commercial Cinder and Ash Barrier is manufactured in untreated steel. It is used to divide the part of the wood fired commercial oven which is dedicated to cooking from the one for the fire, thus maximising the available space on the oven floor which can be used for cooking while preventing the cinder contaminating the food during cooking.

    • Dimensions: 113 cm x 9 cm (45 inches x 4 inches)
    • Weight: 6.04 Kg (13.32 lb)
  • GI-Metal Domestic Firedog (ACH-AL1)

    GI-Metal Domestic Firedog

    30.75 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Domestic Firedog is a useful optional extra for your wood-fired oven. Andiron in untreated iron.

    Why should you invest in this firedog?

    • It helps keep the fire bed in a nice tidy pile and minimises stray ash and embers within your oven’s chamber.
    • The particular shape allows you to keep the logs up, while the holes allows a better oxygenation, making combustion more efficient.

    Dimensions: 11” x 6” x h3.5”.