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  • Image of GI-Metal Flexible Dough Spatula (AC-STF12)

    GI-Metal Flexible Dough Spatula

    12.1813.41 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Flexible Dough Spatula is constructed of a polymer which is highly resistant to heat, shockproof & scratch resistant.  The flexibility of the polymer allows you to get perfectly under the balls of dough, in order to separate or lift them out and does not cut the dough cases.

  • Image of GI-Metal AC-TPF20 flexible scraper

    GI-Metal Flexible Scraper, Dough Cutter & Spatula

    7.639.10 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Flexible Scraper is suitable for cutting dough and for cleaning the worktop surface of flour or dough or even used as a spatula. It can be used in either domestic and commercial kitchens. With a sturdy blue polypropylene handle, the stainless steel blade is flexible when light pressure is applied.

    Available in 2 blade widths, both with a height of 11.5 cm (4.5 inches):

    • 20 cm (7.87 inches)
    • 8 cm (3 inches)
  • Image of Wood Fire Land Oven Starter Kit Bundle

    Oven Starter Kit Bundle

    273.26293.26 inc. VAT

    The Pizza Oven Starter Kit Bundle contains all the essential tools you’ll need for cooking in your wood or gas fired pizza oven. Two options are available –  SKU Starter60 for ovens up to 60 cm deep or Starter100 for ovens up to 100 cm deep.