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  • GI-Metal Flexible Triangular Hand Scraper 11x10 cm (AC-ST4M)

    GI-Metal 11x10cm Flexible Triangular Hand Scraper

    8.12 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal flexible triangular hand scraper/dough cutter, is manufactured with a flexible stainless steel blade and standard plastic handle. Certified for food use.

    Blade dimensions: 11cm x 10cm

  • GI-Metal Domestic Ash Scraper (ACH-RS)

    GI-Metal Domestic Ash Scraper

    34.16 inc. VAT

    GI-Metal Domestic Ash Scraper for cleaning small or domestic ovens.  It enables retrieval oven debris (wood, ash etc.) from the oven floor.

    Head dimension: 24 x 4 cm.

    Material: Untreated aluminium steel head, aluminium handle.

  • GI-Metal Stainless Steel ash scraper for professional ovens (AC-RS)

    GI-Metal Professional Stainless Steel Ash Scraper

    55.60 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal stainless steel ash scraper / rake in stainless steel is ideal for cleaning professional wood-fired ovens.

    It rake allows for the retrieval oven debris (wood, ash etc.) from the oven floor. The stainless steel head guarantees extreme resistance, while the oval tubular black anodised aluminium handle makes it light and guarantees a good grip.

  • SS/PH GI-Metal Flexible Triangular Hand Scraper 9x10 cm (AC-STP31)

    GI-Metal SS/PH Flexible Triangular Hand Scraper 9×10 cm

    18.08 inc. VAT

    The 9×10 cm GI-Metal SS/PH Flexible Triangular Hand Scraper, is certified for food use, and designed with the professional in mind.

    Often referred to as a dough ball spatula, it is ideal for:

    • picking pizza dough balls from plastic pizza dough boxes
    • cutting pizza dough at time of preparation

    The blade is in flexible tempered stainless steel.

    The polymer handle is highly-resistant to heat, impact and scratches.