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  • Image of GI-Metal Flat Bottomed Sauce Ladle (AC-MS90 or AC-MS170)

    GI-Metal Flat Bottomed Sauce Ladle

    24.6626.94 inc. VAT

    GI-Metal stainless steel flat bottomed sauce ladle for applying and spreading of tomato sauce on pizza dough. Available in 2 sizes:

    • 90g capacity: ideal volume for standard pizza.
    • 170g capacity: ideal volume for maxi pizza.
  • Image of GI-Metal Sauce Spoon (AC-CU1)

    GI-Metal Stainless Steel Sauce Spoon

    23.99 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal sauce spoon made of stainless steel is ideal for adding and spreading sauce to pizza dough. The base of the spoon has a flat section to facilitate the circular movement typical of pizza makers when seasoning and spreading the sauce.