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  • GI-Metal 20 cm Economy Solid Round Turning Peel (R-20)

    GI-Metal 20 cm Economy Round Turning Peel

    67.8381.55 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal small 20cm economy range turning peel is made entirely of stainless steel with a perfectly round either solid or perforated head.

    The handle base and sliding interim grip are made of a specific high-density, heat and impact resistant polymer.

  • GI-Metal 20 cm Round Turning Peel (I-20)

    GI-Metal 20 cm Round Turning Peel

    112.31115.13 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal 20 cm round turning peel / take-out peel with a 120cm handle and high-density polymer handle base with interim sliding grip. Choice of either a solid or a perforated peel head.

  • GI-Metal 28cm Round Pizza Server (Handy Peel) (AC-STP28)

    GI-Metal 28cm Round Pizza Server (Handy Peel)

    32.41 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal aluminium small round pizza server handy peel, is very light, practical and ideal for handling pizzas cooked in either domestic or commercial wood fired ovens.

    The polymer handle is resistant to impacts and heat.

    Diameter 28 cm

  • GI-Metal 30cm Round Pan (TLN30)

    GI-Metal 30cm Round Pan

    8.12 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal 30cm round pan with 2.5 cm flared edge is suitable for preparing pizza, bread and other dough-based foods due to its excellent heat conductivity and offering greater protection for the base of the food. Ideal for use in professional ovens of pizzerias, bakeries and restaurants.

  • Image of GI-Metal I-20 small stainless steel peel in use

    GI-Metal Round Turning Peel

    94.03117.71 inc. VAT

    20 cm round turn and take-out small peel entirely in stainless steel preventing the transmission of heat from the oven. The handle base & interim sliding grip are in a specific high-density polymer, with high impact and heat resistance.

  • Lodge Round Classic Cast Iron Skillet (L10SK3)

    Lodge Round Classic Cast Iron Skillet

    57.55161.95 inc. VAT

    The Lodge cast iron skillet will be your go-to skillet for years to come, and now features an assist handle for easier handling. Foundry seasoned and ready to use upon purchase. Suitable for use on all cooking surfaces, grills and ovens.