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  • GI-Metal Amica Domestic Turning Peel (F-20)

    GI-Metal Amica Domestic Turning Peel

    38.25 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Amica domestic turning peels are made of aluminated steel. They have a perfectly round small head. The handle base and sliding interim grip are made of a specific high-density polymer with high-resistance to impact and heat.

  • Image of GI-Metal Domestic Brush with Brass bristles (ACH-SP)

    GI-Metal Brush with Brass bristles for Domestic Use

    49.32 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal 16 cm x 5 cm head domestic brush with brass bristles from the Amica line with a 120cm untreated aluminium handle is light weight and ideal for cleaning the floor of domestic wood-fired ovens. The swivel head allows you to reach every corner of the oven.

  • GI-Metal Domestic Ash Scraper (ACH-RS)

    GI-Metal Domestic Ash Scraper

    30.14 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Domestic Ash Scraper from the GI-Metal Amica line of tools is ideal for cleaning small or domestic wood fired ovens.  It enables retrieval oven debris (wood, ash, etc.) from the oven floor.

    Head dimension: 24 cm x 4 cm (9.5 inch x 1.5 inch).

    Materials used in the ash scraper: Untreated aluminium steel head with an aluminium handle.