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  • Image of Baby Firedog

    Baby Firedog

    29.00 inc. VAT

    The Valoriani Baby firedog helps keep the fire bed in a nice tidy pile so as to minimise stray ash and embers within your oven’s chamber while maximising the available space on the oven floor for cooking and reducing the possibility of ash/ember coming in contact with the food.

    The firedog is composed of untreated iron.

    Dimensions 28 cm x 16.5 cm x 9cm

  • GI-Metal 160cm blue brass brush with medium head (AC-SP)

    GI-Metal 160cm Blue Brass Brush with Medium head

    93.73 inc. VAT

    The professional GI-Metal brass brush with medium head brush rotates and also has a rear stainless steel scraper and anodised aluminium handle. The brass bristles allow for a faster and more efficient cleaning of food residues, flour or ash, from the refractory stone floor.

    Handle length: 150 cm

    Brush size: 20 x 6 cm (4.6cm high)

    Replacement / spare brush heads also available (R-SP)

  • Image of GI-Metal Professional Azzurra Horseshoe Brass Brush (AC-SPT)

    GI-Metal Azzurra Horseshoe Brass Brush

    106.64114.27 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Azzurra Horseshoe Brass Brush with stainless steel scraper is a professional brush for fast & efficient cleaning of food residue/flour/ash from refractory stone

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  • GI-Metal Replacement Brass Horseshoe Brush Head (R-SPT)

    GI-Metal Brass Horseshoe Brush Head

    40.96 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Brass Horseshoe Brush Head is a replacement brush head for the GI-Metal Azzurra Brass Horseshoe Brushes of handle lengths 150 cm or 180 cm. The brush is used to clean food particles, flour or ash from the floor of your wood fired oven.

  • Image of GI-Metal Domestic Brush with Brass bristles (ACH-SP)

    GI-Metal Brush with Brass bristles for Domestic Use

    49.32 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal 16 cm x 5 cm head domestic brush with brass bristles from the Amica line with a 120cm untreated aluminium handle is light weight and ideal for cleaning the floor of domestic wood-fired ovens. The swivel head allows you to reach every corner of the oven.

  • GI-Metal Commercial Andiron Firedog (AC-AL)

    GI-Metal Commercial Andiron Firedog

    102.09 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Commercial Andiron Firedog (AC-AL) is a professional standard andiron firedog for holding firewood inside the oven to allow air to circulate under the wood, improving combustion.

  • Image of GI-Metal Ash Barrier (AC-BA)

    GI-Metal Commercial Cinder & Ash Barrier

    103.32 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Commercial Cinder and Ash Barrier is manufactured in untreated steel. It is used to divide the part of the wood fired commercial oven which is dedicated to cooking from the one for the fire, thus maximising the available space on the oven floor which can be used for cooking while preventing the cinder contaminating the food during cooking.

    • Dimensions: 113 cm x 9 cm (45 inches x 4 inches)
    • Weight: 6.04 Kg (13.32 lb)
  • GI-Metal Domestic Ash Scraper (ACH-RS)

    GI-Metal Domestic Ash Scraper

    30.14 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Domestic Ash Scraper from the GI-Metal Amica line of tools is ideal for cleaning small or domestic wood fired ovens.  It enables retrieval oven debris (wood, ash, etc.) from the oven floor.

    Head dimension: 24 cm x 4 cm (9.5 inch x 1.5 inch).

    Materials used in the ash scraper: Untreated aluminium steel head with an aluminium handle.

  • GI-Metal Domestic Firedog (ACH-AL1)

    GI-Metal Domestic Firedog

    30.75 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Domestic Firedog is a useful optional extra for your wood-fired oven. Andiron in untreated iron.

    Why should you invest in this firedog?

    • It helps keep the fire bed in a nice tidy pile and minimises stray ash and embers within your oven’s chamber.
    • The particular shape allows you to keep the logs up, while the holes allows a better oxygenation, making combustion more efficient.

    Dimensions: 11” x 6” x h3.5”.

  • Image of GI-Metal Electric Oven Brush (AC-SP3)

    GI-Metal Electric Oven Brush

    105.17 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Electric Oven Brush Professional brush with brass bristles and optional stainless steel scraper included.  The total brush head height is only 6cm allowing efficient cleaning of electric pizza ovens with low height cooking deck.

  • GI-Metal Extra-strong brass brush c/w handle slide (ACF-SP)

    GI-Metal Extra Strong brass brush c/w handle slide

    73.19 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Extra Strong brass brush, tubular handle with grip and slide. The brush head is constructed with brass bristles and the tubular handle of stainless steel. The grip and handle base are a high-density polymer to prevent transmission of the oven’s heat.

    This is a practical and hard-wearing brush.


    • Brush head: 20 cm x 6 cm (7.86 inch x 2.36 inch)
    • Handle length: 150 cm (59 inch)
    • Combined weight: 0.956 Kg (2.11 lb)
  • Image of GI-Metal Hand Brush For Grills (AC-SPG2)

    GI-Metal Hand Brush for Grills

    31.43 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal Hand Brush for Grills is manufactured with stainless steel bristles and polymer handle which is highly-resistant to impact and scratches, allows for efficient cleaning of grills. The the stainless steel scraper blade which protrudes beyond the brush head is designed to aid with the scrapping off of stubborn food residue from your grill. The head can be replaced.

  • GI-Metal Stainless Steel ash scraper for professional ovens (AC-RS)

    GI-Metal Professional Stainless Steel Ash Scraper

    39.24 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal stainless steel ash scraper / rake is ideal for the retrieval oven debris (wood, ash etc.) from commercial wood-fired oven floors. The stainless steel head guarantees extreme resistance, while the oval tubular black anodised aluminium handle makes it light and guarantees a good grip.

  • GI-Metal Replacement Large Brass Brush Head for AC-SP2 (R-SP2)

    GI-Metal Replacement Large Brass Brush Head for AC-SP2

    43.79 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal replacement large brass brush head, is a rectangular shaped wooden head with brass bristles. It is a replacement head for the GI-Metal Brass Handbrush For Grill AC-SP2.

    The stainless steel bristles allow you to efficiently clean your grill or your oven’s refractory stone from food residues, flour or ash.

    Brush head dimensions: 6.5 cm x 2.27cm (10.5 inches x 3 inches) Height: 5.02 cm (2 inches).

    Weight: 0.47 Kg (1.04 lb)

    Made in Italy.

  • GI-Metal Spare Brass Brush Head for AC-SP (R-SP)

    GI-Metal Spare Brass Brush Head for AC-SP

    37.15 inc. VAT

    The GI-Metal brass brush head is a replacement wood and brass bristle head for the GI-Metal 160cm Blue Brass Brush (AC-SP) which is used for cleaning your wood or gas fired oven floors.

    The replacement head has a dimensions of 20.32 cm x 6.35 cm (8 inch x 2.5 inch) with a height of 5.08 cm (2 inch) and weighing 0.33 kg (0.73 lb).

  • Image of Infrared/IR Thermometer (IRT)

    IR Thermometer -50℃ to +550℃

    39.00 inc. VAT

    This infrared (IR) Thermometer is lightweight and compact.

    The precise, non-contact, IR thermometer, is safe and easy to use with a simple one-handed operation. The laser sight allows accurate targeting – just point to an object and read its temperature.

    With the ability to read temperatures up to 550oC, it is perfect for monitoring the temperature inside a pizza oven.