GI-Metal Free Standing Metal Peel Rack

245.82 inc. VAT


The high quality GI-Metal free standing metal peel rack comes with a marble base for excellent stability. The 25 x 57 cm footprint means it can be positioned in very small spaces.

Capacity for up to 10 accessories:

  • 4 various size peels (for handles up to 150 cm) hung with the head up
  • 4 supports for small peels and brushes which are hung with the head downwards, reducing risk of involuntary burns.  The wings positioned half way up, prevent movement
  • It is possible to use the wings to hang another 2 tools (e.g short peel, dough-cutters, brush, etc.)

** Accessories not included

Dimensions: 25 x 57 x h183 cm.

Additional information

Weight 8.66 kg
Dimensions 25 × 57 × 183 cm

GI-Metal Free Standing Metal Peel Rack