Alecook Econo DIY Oven Kit

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The Alecook Econo DIY Oven kits allow you to construct to your pizza oven in your own style.  The Econo Kit90 comprises of a single Kaolin piece with 10 cm thick walls.

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The Alecook Econo KIT90 DIY Oven kit allow you to construct to your own pizza oven in your own style. Anyone can do it. Feel the satisfaction of making your own oven. When your family and friends see it, they will be astonished. You have done it!!.
We make it easy for you with video tutorials. In addition, our experts will also teach you and help to answer your questions.

The Kaolin Econo Kit90 oven kits comprise of:

  • a single piece with 10 cm thick walls, fired at 1,100°C (2,012°F). The insulating material is next generation thick ceramic fibre aluminium-backed insulation blanket to avoid temperature exchange with the exterior, helping to avoid heat loss and allowing the outer surface of the oven to remain below 30-35°C (86-95°F).
  • A stainless steel stovepipe (150 mm or 6″) with dilation absorption to prevent breakage at the flue collar.
  • A removable pyrometer with protective sheath, measuring up to 500°C (932°F), located at the opening.
  • A smoke-free door treated with heat resistant polyester powder coating and including a heatproof glass window. Opening (width x height) 480 × 340 mm (18.9″ x 13.39″).