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Wood Fire Land are delighted to bring you a selection of specifically chosen Genus Dei dough cases / dough trays and accompanying dough case lids in a variety of sizes. All dough cases / dough trays and their lids are produced in a polyethylene (PE) which is certified for food contact and therefore ideal for storage of your pizza dough.

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About Genus Dei

Genus Dei is a leading company in and the benchmark for the foodservice equipment market. They opened their plant in 2008 as a producer of polypropylene trays. These are created with the aim of satisfying the most demanding clients and offering unique characteristics.

The experience acquired over the years has allowed them to expand their range of products using new methods of distribution and production. Genus Dei has leveraged its advancement in the foodservice business by offering new lines of pizza dough cases utilised to store the pizza dough. These are ideal for keeping the mixture cool and carrying it easily.

The main objective of the company was, and still is, to produce and provide customers with products that will last, that are safe and practical to use.

All products produced by them are entirely made in Italy. They are made of materials certified for food contact and meet the requirements of European regulations.