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Woodfireland in the press

We've been fortunate enougn to get quite a bit of press recently!  Here's a small selection of the coverage we have received so far:

Hot stuff in the food world  - Irish Independent (25th June 2016)

Original article...Or, to really take it to the next level, you could invest in your very own wood-fired oven: the importers of the ‘Baby Valoriani’ are promising that it is well able for the Irish weather. Check it out on the shop floor at Avoca Kilmacanogue and Rathcoole or online at


Check out these little cuties...  - Irish Examiner (18th June 2016)

Original articleCheck out these little cuties — cousins Andrea and Gherardo, the youngest members of the extended Valor- iani family. They're helping the family promote the arrival in Ireland of the Baby Valoriani. For on-trend food fans, it will bake breads and roast meats, and it makes pizzas and meringues too. Available in signal red, ivory white or jet black, from €2,495 including delivery. In Avoca branches or online at Wood Fire Land, at

OH BABY - Food & Wine Magazine (July/August 2016)

Original ArticleIf you get a pang of envy every time you see Jamie Oliver and the like nip out to throw some food into their all-weather, outdoor, wood-fired oven, then you’re in for a treat. Wood Fire Land has brought the Valoriani range of wood-fired ovens to Ireland. The 'Baby Valoriani’ is its best-selling model and will bake breads, roast meat as fast or as slow as you like, as well as adding a whole new dimension of flavour to your homemade pizzas and meringues. It’ll set you back though - the ovens start at €2,495 including delivery. Available at Avoca, Rathcoole or

Rachel Allen Recommends - Sunday Independent (10th April 2016)

Original ArticleAn outdoor wood-burning oven is at the top of my wish list, as I imagine lots of sunny days and balmy evenings sitting outside, eating everything from pizza to slow-roast pork. There are now some really good outdoor wood-burning ovens on the market (which can get so hot that your pizzas cook in just two minutes), many of which are delivered in pieces for you (or your friendly builder!) to assemble. One such oven is that by WoodFireLand. A girl can dream... WoodFireLand, Crosspatrick, Kilmeague, Naas, Co Kildare, or see

GETTING ALL FIRED UP FOR VALORIANI - The Irish Times (25th June 2016)

It was a batch of perfectly pale meringues coming out of the type of oven you would associate with charred meat and blistered pizzas that brought Valoriani wood-fired ovens to my attention.
Peter Cashell of Wood Fire Land, who imports the Tuscan ovens, describes them as “a professional quality wood-fired oven in a domestically friendly format”. They are expensive; the entry model Baby Valoriani costs from €2,495 including delivery, but they can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. Cooking with fire is a big trend at the moment, but it has to be learned. “Practice makes perfect,” Cashell says, advising buyers to explore cooking at various temperatures, “from the screaming heat and rolling flame required for top-notch pizzas, to the last vestiges of stored heat hours later for those meringues”. Once you’ve finished cooking, “sling in a joint of seasoned meat for melt-in-the mouth deliciousness the following day”. Wood Fire Land can also supply seasoned ash, beach, birch, oak and fruit woods, “never softwood like pine as it sparks and has a resinous content which imparts an acrid aroma and flavour”. Gas-fired models are also available. You can check them out at, and Avoca in Rath- coole and Kilmacanogue.

Kitchen Aid - The Sunday Times (16th June 2016)

original articleThe bellissimo Baby Valoriani wood-fired pizza oven can bake, braise, roast, char, smoke and fry, as well as make perfect pizza. It's made in Italy and comes in red, white and black, with prices starting at €2,495 (including delivery) at or Avoca shops.