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Taking delivery of your baby!

Baby V in a safe pair of hands!

Baby V in a safe pair of hands!


​For most of our customers the journey to actually owning a wood fired oven is taken slowly over time. The spark of a thought turns into a notion and from the moment you type "wood fired oven" into've hooked yourself. OK, so a brick built dome isn't for you....what's the alternative?

You’ve done your homework, considered all the options and reached the conclusion that a Valoriani oven is the correct choice for you. As a result of your research, you're now a convert to the joys of wood-fired cooking. The quality, life expectancy, functionality and pleasing design of the Baby Valoriani have convinced you that you're now ready to give a loving home to a Baby V.  So what happens next?

The first step is to consider what version of the Baby is right for you and what accessories you want to outfit it with.  See our guide for lots more information.

How to place an order

Get in touch and ask the last few questions. If geographically possible we can arrange a demonstration if you wish....

By Phone         :           +353 (0)87-224-9190

By Email          : 

Or through the enquiry form on the website - click here

Valoriani expert craftsmen at workOnce your order has been confirmed, we’ll either be able to deliver your order, ex stock, from our stores in County Kildare at a time that's convenient to you. 

In the unlikely event that we don’t have stock of your chosen configuration, we’ll arrange for it to be shipped directly from Italy.  This usually happens within 10-14 days.

The team at Valoriani hand-make each and every Baby Valoriani to the highest standard under the careful guidance of their technical manager, Alessio Rappaccini and owner Massimo Valoriani........pround parents of the Baby V

Technical Manager Alessio Rappaccini and Owner Massimo Valoriani



A crated Baby Valoriani ready for deliveryYour Baby Valoriani will be delivered to you at a previously agreed time  To protect it during shipping and transport, the Baby V is held securely in a wooden crate. We really need to understand your particular circumstances prior to delivery. The weight of the Baby Valoriani is 145kgs and it has 4 handles to allow for a four person lift into its final resting will require a friend or two. While it is preferable to deliver the baby "on the flat" it is possible to turn it on it's side in order to negotiate narrow openings. We require a minimum of 70cm but 90cm and above is ideal. By prior arrangement we can be present during your delivery although this is not strictly necessary.

The first firing

Before lighting your oven for the first time, it’s important to read the handbook that will have been provided with the oven.  This contains important safety information and guidelines that will help ensure you and your new Baby enjoy many years of growing up together.

When lighting the Baby for the first time you MUST start slowly.  The refractory clay will still contain a certain amount of moisture which must be gently heated and driven off over a period of three days.  Start by lighting a small fire to raise the oven temperature to around 100-150*C and then increase this slowly over the following two days.  After this initial first firing period, your oven is ready to be used normally.  Full details are provided in the handbook and if you have questions or concerns, we’re on hand to help you through your first days of parenthood.

Now relax & enjoy

Now all that remains is for you to sit back and relax whilst enjoying the culinary delights that you can now produce in your own wood fired oven.   Of course, it would be selfish not to share so maybe invite some friends around. Your new Baby is sure to be the centre of attention!