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Introducing the Baby Valoriani

The Baby Valoriani in action

The Baby Valoriani in action

The Baby Valoriani offers a significant step forward in both domestic and semi-professional wood-fired cookery.

 The quality synonymous with the Valoriani brand is combined with the convenience of an attractive "out of the box" solution,  Italian design flair and best in class build quality.

Since 1890, the Valoriani family have been producing refractory products from their base near Florence in TuscanySince 1890, the Valoriani family have been producing refractory products from their base near Florence in Tuscany. Several decades have been spent focusing on wood fired ovens since they developed the first wood-fired oven kit in the 1940s. Today, after more than 300,000 ovens sold, and five generations later, the Valoriani family's brand is recognised globally for the industry leading reputation of their products. 
With the birth of the Baby Valoriani, the wood-fired dining experience no longer necessitates the building of a fixed installation. Nor does it involve taking a risk on an inferior alternative that may well fail to withstand the rigours of our less than ideal Irish weather. The Baby from Valoriani is delivered, ready to use and has been designed specifically with the testing conditions typical of our northern European climate in mind.
Unlike other outdoor appliances, the Baby Valoriani, if properly cared for, will last over the long term. It offers you a much more varied and fun foodie experience than alternative outdoor cooking options. Wood-fired ovens can cook everything a conventional oven can, and more, but in a uniquely engaging way and with incomparable results. From "proper" pizza, to artisan breads, fish, meats, slow roasts, desserts and even meringues! They're all child's play for the Baby. The Baby Valoriani isn’t just for garden parties or entertaining, its versatility will mean you’ll want to use it for baking, slow-cooking and so much more. Besides which, your friends and family will love it too!
Inside the Baby Valoriani the oven floor is fabricated entirely from commercial grade refractory cotto. This cotto (clay) is sourced from the Valoriani family quarry located in Reggello, Tuscany. Cotto ensures that the heat from the the fuel source is not only evenly distributed but retained and slowly released, creating the ideal medium for cooking with both predictable and delicious results. Surrounding the 60cm circular cooking floor is a professional quality refractory dome. The mortar mix used here is exactly the same material used in all the commercial wood fired ovens that Valoriani manufacture. Rather than automating the casting of each dome, the sections are hand moulded by the Valoriani craftsmen before being kiln baked at 1300°C.  The domes are then double insulated with best quality ceramic fibre. Following this, the refractory dome is encased in a pre-galvanised and powder coated metal enclosure. The ovens are available in three colours : Ivory White, Signal Red or Jet Black. The level of insulation surrounding the dome is such that it will feel merely warm to the touch despite having an internal temperature in excess of 400°C! All the exterior metal components are galvanised, prior to the application of a rust resistant powder-coated paint. All stainless steel fixings and high temperature silicon sealants complete the package. These measures all combine to ensure that the Baby from Valoriani will look as good in years to come as it did the day it arrives. 
Essentially, the Valoriani Baby is a professional grade wood fired oven that will appeal to food fans who want to enjoy a quality product and an enduring, appealing and entertaining experience. 
The Valoriani Baby is available in both wood or gas-fired options. There are two finish levels available; standard or luxury. The range also features a number of additional accessories common to all models.