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Domestic Ovens


Are you looking for a durable, quality, hassle-free and luxurious wood-fired oven to transform your home?  Then look no further than the Valoriani Baby – the first domestic oven with professional features that is ready for use as soon as it arrives.   

At Wood Fire Land we know the Irish climate and whilst there are plenty of other wood fired ovens you could choose, we know the Baby V is the best choice.  Aside from its stunning looks and sleek design, it’s also built to last:  double isolation, fully galvanised, professional quality refractory materials will give you many happy years of service and you’ll be envy of your friends and neighbours!  

The Baby V is so versatile.  It can be installed either internally or externally.  It comes in two different sizes (60 and 75) and can also be fitted with a gas burner. The Baby V’s flexibility will make it a hit with any size of family.

The hassle-free nature of the Baby V means you can concentrate on what you love most – cooking, eating and entertaining.  The Baby V requires minimal assembly when it arrives and it’s easy to clean in minutes after each use – leaving you free to enjoy your new luxury centrepiece.   

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The Baby V Specifications

  Baby V 60 Baby V 75
Inside Dimensions 60x60cm 75x75cm
Outside Dimensions (Excl stand and wheels) 81x76cm 101x100cm
Mouth Opening 36x21cm 36x21cm
Weigth 148kg 220kg
30cm Pizza capacity (wood fired) 1 2
30cm Pizza capacity (gas fired) 2 3
Weight of optional gas burner 7kg 10kg
Flue manifold diameter 15cm 15cm

Available accessories:

  • Standard stand support
  • Luxury stand support
  • Tube & rain cap
  • Wheels
  • Shelf extension
  • Peels set and peels holder

Why choose The BABY from Valoriani?


  • Superior quality from Tuscany’s longest established refractory oven manufacturer.
  • Italian flair in a sleek and modern design.
  • Professional quality refractory materials in an easily installed domestic oven.
  • Double insulated for improved heat retention and cooler exterior temperatures.
  • All galvanised metal components and the domes are painted with rust proof paint. This galvanising extends to the base, containment dome and handles.
  • Stainless steel screws with high temperature silicone sealing to prevent water ingress.
  • Available in three colours. Ivory White, Jet Black, and Signal Red.
  • Available in standard and luxury models (our luxury model encorporates a stainless steel front face plate)
  • Robust design and construction. The Baby V is intended to last over the long term if basic weather protection is used.
  • Can be installed either indoors or outside. Indoor installations require a 150mm double walled flue in accordance with Part J of the Irish building regulations 2014.
  • Wood only and gas fueled models available.
  • Assembly tools for wheels and base are included

The Baby from Valoriani is simply technically, aesthetically and functionally superior.   A premium product at a mid-range price.

Looking for something more bespoke?  

Whilst the Baby V will meet the needs for the vast majority of customers, we also off a range of Valoriani kits.  These are suited to those who want to lovingly create a bespoke oven installation but also care about a quality and durable finish.   If you’d like to discuss you needs, then please contact us and we can advise further on what’s involved and how we can help.