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Choosing a Baby Valoriani

Wood burning Baby Valoriani in action

Wood burning Baby Valoriani in action


The Baby Valoriani is available in a number of different formats and can include a range of additional accessories.  In this article we help you understand the different choices you will need to make.


Wood-fired or Gas?

The first decision is the type of fuel you wish to use. The choice is either wood or gas-fired.  The gas version incorporates a burner head in the floor of the oven and a front facing regulator with ignition control unit underneath  These are clearly visible in the image shown.  These elements are unnecessary in the wood version as its up to the user to create and regulate the desired temperature depending on what's cooking. With wood, this is achieved using experience and intuition, adding and removing the desired quantity of wood to create the appropriate firebed.  Outdoors, the gas version also accommodates a 50cm flue while the wood fired version will require the 100cm flue. A rain cap sitting on top of the flue gives our ovens an attractive "finished" appearance. To add a really special and functional focal point to your kitchen; with the addition of a double walled flue and a suitably load bearing, heat proof base, either of these solutions can be installed indoors.

Benefits of wood:

This is the traditional way to cook pizza, casseroles, "Nonna's ragu", roasts, breads and so much more.  The complex aromas created by wood smoke influences the flavours of your food.  Not to mention that unique char that goes with wood fired cooking - particularly pizza and meats. Just like sitting in front of an open fire, a wood fuelled oven also has a certain romance and charm that you and your fellow diners will enjoy.  Controlling the fire will take more input from the user than the gas-fired option but once mastered will lead to amazing results.  The wood-fired approach is more involved (and involving) than gas.....and it's more fun too! Due to the temperatures involved, residual ash is minimal but it will have to be cleaned out of the oven. If you're a food fan up for an adventure and are prepared to learn a new skill organically and by experimentation then wood fired cooking is for you!

Benefits of gas:

Clean and convenient, gas is easily controlled. Simply attach a bottle of butane, switch on the burner and wait for the oven to reach the desired temperature.  Switch it off when you're finished and walk away.  Our gas fired Baby V involves a higher initial outlay due to the addition of the regulation system and perhaps doesn't offer all the tradition, romance and theatre of a wood-fired approach. This is purely a matter of both personal circumstances and outlook. A gas-fired Baby V is the perfect choice for those who would enjoy the wood-fired experience but don't have the time or inclination to manage the fire. Imagine coming home from work having knocked up a lump of dough the previous evening and cooking your own perfect pizza for dinner. Apartment and townhouse dwellers love the convenience of the gas-fired option too. No space to store wood? Worried that your neighbours will complain about wood smoke? Rest assured that the clean, convenient and compact nature of a gas fired Baby V will send only the delicious aromas of perfectly prepared meals wafting over their balconies. When they come in to share a slice of pizza....please make sure to give them our contact details! 

(NB : A fixed installation on either town gas or LPG may require the services of a registered gas installer).

Luxury or Standard model

The internal construction of all Baby Valoriani ovens is identical.  The differences between the standard and luxury models are aesthetic only. The images below display the standard and luxury models side-by-side.  The luxury model features a stainless steel faceplate while the standard model has a front plate powder-coated in black. The stainless steel looks really smart and will never experience chipping through either rough handling or as a result of a badly aimed pizza peel!

The Standard Model
The Luxury Model

Choice of color

All versions come in a choice of three dome colours.  Jet Black, Signal Red and Ivory White as shown below.

The Standard Dome Colours

Signal Red
Jet Black
Ivory White


The Luxury Dome Colours


Signal Red
Jet Black
Ivory White




Do you need a base?

For most people a base will be an essential accessory. Unless you intend to install the oven indoors or onto a bespoke outdoor plinth.

The bases are available in two options and are interchangable with any of the Baby Valoriani domes. The standard base features a single solid shelf while the luxury base features two perforated shelves, utilises a heavier guage of steel and has slightly different aesthetics.  Regardless of the which stand you choose, they are both rust treated, powder coated, and engineered to accommodate the 145kg weight of the dome!

Standard Base
Luxury Base

Do you need to move your oven around?

Set of four wheelsIf you may need to move your Baby Valoriani around your outdoor space, then fitting wheels to your stand is a sensible option. They also facilitate moving it with ease for winter storage. If your oven is going to stay in a fixed position, the wheels can be omitted.  The wheels swivel ensuring the oven can be moved in any direction.  Each wheel also features an integrated brake enabling the oven to be securely anchored in place.

Optional accessories

The following optional accessories are available for all Baby Valoriani models. 

Set of three pizza tools Peel Holder
2 pizza peels and 1 brass brush Hooks onto the stand and provides a convenient way to store your pizza tools
3 piece pizza tool set Peel Holder
Shelf Extender Firedog
Extends the opening mouth of the oven to help catch crumbs, ash and facilitate easier loading/unloading of the oven Keeps your wooden fire-bed tidy and maximizes your cooking area.
Shelf extender Firedog
Infrared Handheld thermometer  
The easiest way to accurately measure the internal temperature of the oven  
Infrared Handheld Thermometer