Alecook Oven
Alecook Oven

Alecook Ovens

All Alecook wood-fired ovens’ hearts are made of kaolin with 8 cm thick walls fired at 1100ÂșC. Kaolin is a refractory material par excellence, as its properties allow a greater accumulation of heat and extraordinary thermal inertia (the time that the walls of the oven take to return the heat inwards).

Choose the option that best suits you best – an oven which is already assembled and can be placed wherever you want it or an assembly kit.

With an assembly kit you construct to your own style. Anyone can do it. Feel the satisfaction of making your own oven. When your family and friends see it, they will be astonished. You have done it!!.

We make it easy for you with video tutorials. In addition, our experts will also teach you and help to answer your questions.

Coming soon to wood Fire Land

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