Alecook Cookware

Alecook Cookware

We stock of a variety of Alecook cookware dishes / vessels each in several different sizes / volume to suit your needs. All are produced with the superior quality kaolin refractory clay in a variety of cookware vessels.

All of the Kaolin refractory cookware we supply can be used for cooking food, not only in an Alecook oven, but any other domestic or commercial wood fired ovens, or on/in any type of direct heat source (except induction), be it your domestic/commercial electric or gas ovens and hobs, microwave ovens, etc.

This cookware is ideal for cooking oven-to-table meals such as gratin dishes, pasta bakes e.g. lasagne, roasted vegetables, etc. However it is very important to handle the cookware with protective gloves when hot and to have heat proof protection for the table, as depending on the vessel and cooking method it can take up to an hour for the cookware to cool down.

Properties of the Alecook cookware manufactured with kaolin refractory clay include:

  • All cookware is made by hand
  • The double firing at 1050 oC during the production process, increases its resistance to thermal and mechanical shock from sudden temperature changes
  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • Lead and cadmium free enamel – protecting your health as well as the environment
  • Unlike similar products, the kaolin refractory clay preserves the properties of food
  • Maintenance of the ideal level of humidity so that food cooks better
  • Uniform cooking of your recipe, as the cooking temperature is distributed throughout the clay.
  • Food does not stick to the dish, thereby providing a tastier result
  • It is easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher.

Important action Before FIRST USE

Prior to first use of any of the Alecook refractory cookware, we would recommend curing it first in order to seal it before it is used for cooking your favourite dishes. Below we provide two options for curing, choose the one that suits you.

force cure

Fill the dish / pot with water to the halfway point of the vessel, adding a little oil (4 – 6 tablespoons). Place in an oven (any type) on a low heat for 2 hours, making sure that the water does not completely evaporate (top up as necessary).

naturally cure

Place the cookware, including any lids, in a suitably large container which allows you to completely submerge it in normal tap water. Leave for 24 hours and after the 24 hours are up, remove and let it dry naturally. Once dry, it is ready for use.

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