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Aside from the oven, what else do I need to install it?

The first essential element is a sound, solid and level base. Various approaches can be taken to achieve this. Depending on the intended location you may wish to use a pre-fabricated steel frame, poured concrete slab or brick built plinth. As long as it’s solid, sturdy, weight bearing and level, pretty much any properly constructed sub-base will do.

Once again, your imagination can play its part.


What happens if I run into problems during installation?

If you embark on a self- build we must assume that you’re reasonably confident of your DIY skills! We want you to be comfortable that there are no elements of building a wood-fired oven that will cause you undue stress. This should be a fun and fulfilling experience. Full installation instructions will be provided in a logical and clearly laid out “step by step” manner. If you take an organised approach, have a clear plan in mind and the tools we suggest readily available there is no reason why anything should go wrong. If it does, stop, put the kettle on and call or email us.


Can you install an oven for for me?

In a word: Yes! We will carry out an initial conversation over the phone with you answering any questions you may have. We will quickly get a feel for your needs. If you then wish to proceed to a site survey we will be happy to do so. Site surveys are chargeable at €50-€100 depending on location. These charges will be subtracted from our final fee should you decide to order an installation. Generally we only install the oven and offer basic working finishes. If you wish to incorporate one of our ovens into a larger, more complex structure you may need to factor in additional trades.


What approvals do Valoriani ovens have?

Valoriani domestic ovens have DEFRA approval in the UK. This means that they conform to the acceptable standards for smoke emissions in residential areas. No such similar standard currently exists in Ireland. Our Versace model for commercial use has AVPN approval meaning it is particularly well regarded by the Traditional Neopolitan Pizza association of Italy.



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